What Will Happen if I Do Not Forgive?

do not forgive

The pain that comes with unforgiveness is different from physical pain. Emotional injury runs much deeper and requires our active attention to repair the damage and move on. So what can happen if you do not forgive?

You’ll foster revenge

If you don’t forgive, hate and rage will take root in your heart. From there, it’s easy to take those feeling and turn them into thoughts of revenge. Wanting the person who hurt you to feel pain is natural, and you should acknowledge that feeling, but you must avoid acting out. Revenge will ultimately hurt you as much as the other person. Revenge is not the answer.

do not forgive

You’ll alienate yourself from others

Hold tightly to the past, and you may lose your future. When you’re consumed by a negative experience, others might find it difficult to be around you. The end result is that you’re more alone than ever. Withdrawing is not the answer.

You’ll become physically ill

Having experienced this aspect of unforgiveness myself, I’ve shared on this here, here and here. You probably know stress is responsible for many of our physical ailments, but you might not have realized how stressful not forgiving really is. Forgiving repairs the negative consequences of holding on to your anger. Hurting yourself is not the answer.

After something terrible has happened, forgiveness is the answer. Forgiveness is the only way to return peace and health to both our minds and bodies. Make the choice to forgive today.

Together in strength we will forgive,

Dr. Jay